Saturday, May 9, 2009


After a recent job interview went less than stellar (to say the least), this excerpt frmo Fr. Ciszek is appropriate:

Be thankful then... that God in his loving care sends humiliations your way... It was the same God who arranged for (joy) in order to strengthen and console you and who has now arranged your abrupt and humiliating departure from the scene to remind you once more that all things on this earth are governed by his providence and not man's efforts. That was yesterday, and today is today. You haven't done anything yet in (the Soviet Union) except by his grace and his will; to work out answers beforehand, you made a miserable mess of your efforts and had to learn all over again to look for God's will in the situations and circumstances. Isn't it about time you learned? Isn't it time you learned to be meek and humble of heart, to give up your own will and strive to conform to God's, to seek first the kingdom of God and his justice - not to worry about where this plane is taking you, or what you will meet there, or what you are leaving behind?
-Page 179

Ouch! There is more in that chapter that I will add on later, all about truth, humility and humiliation.


Elizabeth said...

Hi, I just read your comment on Jen's Conversion Diary...
I guess I would say that the best thing to do would be to go out and find a way to give that self giving love to others around you...When God's timing is right, you will find your future.
Don't go out looking for the "right guy" God knows where you are...if you feel deep in your heart that you are not called elsewhere, trust in God's timing.
My husband and I met through a huge series of "God-incidents"...when we were 32 & 42 years old repectively...we are now expecting our 6th baby together (though we lost two to miscarriage)
...we will be 45 & 55 when this baby arrives...we figure it is the best witness to our faith that we could give!
God Blessings to you!

PS...Love Father Ciszek...
Oh, and my Blog is My Mark of Humility!

Shylock said...

Thank you for the encouraging comment! What a great story... and I am now following your blog.... God bless

Noblese said...

You mentioned Father Ciszek in some of your posts and would like to ask you kindly for the books title.
The quote are real down to earth ones.

Shylock said...

Hi Noblese, I am glad you like the quotes. the book is full of them. It is called He Leadeth Me and it's by Walter J. Ciszek, a Jesuit priest who survived I think 23 years in Russian labour camps. Lots of wisdom there.