Thursday, June 11, 2009

Novena to the Sacred Heart, Day 1

I went on a long walk today to try and clear my head and I stumbled upon a church in which I have never been. It was a long church, only one person praying quietly in there at the time, and I went around to visit the different statues of the saints.

I came upon the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and found, coincidentally, that today is the first day of the Novena. The theme is,"Christ is close to me and gives me hope", a leaflet by Brian Grogan, SJ. This is from the Sacred Heart Messenger Magazine.

The leaflet gives a brief description of the Ignatian practice of imagining yourself seated next to Christ while you pray. I have never tried these exercises before but this may be the perfect time to start. Also, each day requires a bit of scripture reading as well, which is something that I have been meaning to start again. I've been neglecting my Bible and right now I have a million thoughts going through my head (it all has to do with the ex who just added me to FB - but that's a whole other post).

Anyway, sometimes it is nice when we stumble across exactly what we need most, when we need it most.

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