Sunday, June 7, 2009

When an ex contacts you

Everything that has been troubling me lately - work, visas, etc - came to a head last week. Everything has worked out very well in my favour. I am no longer stressed and I am confident that I am in a good place, right where I need to be. My career looks like it will pick up in the next few months and I was beginning to look forward to a bright and peachy summer.

Then today, out of the blue, I get a message on Facebook. An ex added me as a friend.

Not just any ex, but an ex with whom I had intense chemistry and cared about very much. We were only together for about three months, and it was over two years ago. Now, that's the longest relationship that I have ever had a. And he was. We clicked immediately and we had a very strong bond. He was very dear to my heart.

So what happened? We were both working overseas, my contract was up, and our relationship ended. But it would have ended anyway. Why? Before we parted, he said he could never see himself in a relationship with me or marrying me. Though he never said why and I never asked, the most obvious reason for it, to me, was that we came from very different religious backgrounds.

After this, we had some contact over email for a few months, and then it stopped. I think we both saw that we needed to move on. And now, two years later, I get a message from him. I haven't added him yet because I am still in shock. I was so happy not to be thinking about him (I am not currently seeing anyone). I am happy where I am at so maybe I shouldn't worry.

I have always thought, or hoped, or wondered if I would ever see or hear from him again. I knew it would have to be on his initiative and I sincerely would love to hear how he's been doing. I just don't want to be hurt again.

Please God, protect my heart.

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